Pampering With LUSH & Giveaway

DE: Zusammen mit Lush konnte ich euch das Pampering-Video drehen und konnte seit Langem mal wieder abschalten. Aber nicht nur ich möchte diese Gelegenheit nutzen, weshalb ich ein kleines Geschenk für euch bestellt habe und euch die Chance bieten möchte, auch in den Lush-Himmel zu gelangen.

Um teilzunehmen, folge einfach den unten stehenden Punkten.


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Speed Tutorial
ENG: I love to take my bath with Lush so it was a great opportunity to try some of the new stuff. I filmed a little video and want to give you my opinions on some of the products.
I started with the Bubblegrub which I bought around easter time. Its one of Lush’s bubbleroons and creates bubble-mountains. By the way, it also smells amazing!
To make the bath more luxurious I also added the Golden Wonder bathbomb. The bomb turned the water into a cool blue color which was way nicer than the yellow of the bubbleroon.

After I relaxed for a little while I used the Salt And Peppermint Bark Bodyscrub on my arms and chest. I love the scent of it and the effect of all the bodyscrubs.
To finish my pampering I massaged the King Of Skin into my skin and it was a pleasure.

And now its your turn to get a Lush-Pack for your home.


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