5 Favorite Scarf-Wearing-Ways

my favorite ways to wear scarfs

Hay speedys,

in this post I wanna show you my five favorite ways to wear my scarf.
I really enjoy the fall-winter-season when I can wrap my scarfs around my neck to feel warm and cozy.

Do you have a favorite way to wear your scarf?

1. The Fake Infinity

1. Take your scarf and knot the ends in front of you.
2. Turn it once.
3. Hide the knot under the scarf behind your head.

 2. The European Loop

1. Fold the scarf into half.
2. Wrap it around your neck.
3. Take the two ends and take them through the loop.

3. The Magic Trick

1. Throw your scarf around your neck – One side must be a little bit longer.
2. Take the longer end a second time around.
3. Build a loop. (Look at the gif.)
4. Bring the shorter end through the look and pull the ends.

4. The Hidden Knot

1. Throw the ends of your scarf from the front to the back.
2. Cross the ends behind your neck and bring them forward.
3. Knot the ends and cover the knot with the scarf.

5. The Simple One

1. Take the scarf around your neck twice.

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